Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 100 - Wow!

Week 100.... wow!!

It was a great week :) We are seeing so many miracles, it is amazing!! Biggest one would have to be someone we started teaching named Samantha.

Samantha recently moved in with a less-active member named Lucretia. Lucretia's parents are both active and in the same ward! They all went up to Nauvoo for a Saturday and Samantha had the best experience and was really interested in learning more about what we're all about! They then came to church that Sunday AND the next Sunday! So we just had to talk to them!! We ended up setting up a time to come meet with them, and she loved it and said she wanted to be baptized. WHAT!!

It gets even better :) Then we met with her AGAIN a few days later and taught part of the Plan of Salvation and she had read and prayed and felt that what we were teaching was true. We then decided she was ready and invited her to be baptized... on AUGUST 13THAnd she said yes!!!

She was at church again yesterday and is doing so awesome. I have been praying for a miracle like this and am so grateful for it! Please pray for Samantha so that nothing comes up last minute! She seems to be super excited and even told everyone in Relief Society that it was happening... so it better! :)

We also got to meet with Courtney again! If you don't remember, we were teaching her a few weeks ago. She is really solid too for the most part. We asked her if she remembered what we had been teaching her, and she recalled perfectly the entire Restoration AND Plan of Salvation perfectly! It was very impressive to be honest. People never seem to remember but she understood everything great!! Her having to work on Sunday is really her only hold-back currently.

On Saturday we went with a member to go help Samantha and Lucretia with a big pile of trash they had in their yard they needed to burn. We poured gas all over it and then I was entrusted with the task of lighting it. The gas lit way faster than I thought and I jumped back like WHOA!! Hahaha it was pretty funny. Then that night I realized it totally signed my eyebrows! No joke!! Nothing crazy but the top of my eyebrows were kind of blond-looking lol. You really can't tell unless I point it out though.

Crazy week! Lots of awesome stuff happening. Thank you everyone for all the support! Please please pray for me and for Samantha! She is great!! :) I know God answers prayers and that this is His work. Love you all!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo #1: us with sister king! she is coming back to church now!!! she's so awesome!!!!! :)
Photo #2: Me with my comp, and then us walking dramatically in the ghetto!!!

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