Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 97 - Jesus Christ lives and this is His Church

It's been quite the week! We're emailing now because the libraries were closed yesterday. It's been wild!! Good news: it's a new transfer and Elder Dial and I are both staying in Springfield! Sooo I will be finishing my mission here! Woohoo!!! We are both super excited. It's going to be so great!

It's been pretty good recently. The coolest thing that happened was probably on Sunday. We had a few people who told us they would be at church, however when we tried to check with them the morning of, most of them told us something came up so we were pretty bummed out and didn't really expect anyone to show up. Then suddenly our phone buzzed about 20 minutes into sacrament meeting and it was Jean! He is a guy we're teaching from the Congo. He told us he was on his way!! So Elder Dial and I went out into the foyer to wait for him and he made it! He was a half hour late, but he still made it. We were pretty happy about that :)

Courtney is doing good too. Sadly, she got called in to work last minute (of course) on Sunday and couldn't make it :( So since she still hasn't made it to a sacrament meeting, her baptism date will need to be postponed. Hopefully it still happens, though!

Lots of missionaries in our district are changing so it will be fun to see some new faces. One of them will be a brand new missionary, so that will be interesting!! It feels like just yesterday that was me. I can't believe time has flown so fast!

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but people out here get really creative with their names. Like... REALLY creative. We met a lady the other day who told us her name was "tuh-keeria" and then spelled it for us. She told is it was Spanish or something. It was then when I realized that her name is a Spanish word for a taco restaurant. TAQUERIA. I about died. I don't think she knows what it means... hahaha I thought that was super funny.

Nothing huge happened on the Fourth of July. We played pool at someone's house with some other elders and then watched some fireworks outside our apartment. It was a good day! I am having a blast here. We are working with some great people who I really hope I get to see be baptized either while I'm here or down the road. They have great potential! Jesus Christ lives and this is His church! Love you all!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo: MURICA!!!!

(i had so many more photos but i definitely forgot my camera today. so next week you'll get a TON)

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