Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 98 - Hard to believe it's coming to an end

​Hey everyone!! Hard to believe it's already been another week!

This week definitely had its ups and downs! We were blessed with a few new people to teach, but sadly everyone else we had been teaching had to reschedule or cancel, so that kind of bummed us out a little bit... :( Not a big deal though! We have felt recently that while finding people to talk to isn't a problem here, we need to focus on not just finding people who will talk to us, but people who will act! It's a bit tougher... haha :)

Things are great here though! One cool lesson we had was with the Akpulonu family. I've talked about them before, but they're from Nigeria and are pretty much the coolest. They went to church on Father's Day, and all the talks talked all about the priesthood, which they had lots of questions about. They believe we can all have the priesthood just by believing in Jesus Christ. We aren't sure how to address some of their concerns... but they are definitely sincere and want to find out for themselves! So that's great :)

On Sunday we were surprised to see two less-active members we've been working with come again! It was their second time making it back. They both came a few weeks ago and don't know each other, but both just happened to make it again at the same time. So that was definitely a tender mercy. Elder Dial and I also had the fun opportunity to teach a class of 13 year old boys about covenants, so that was fun! Kids are super funny hahaha. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was 13!!

Sacrament Meeting was great too! We heard from a Brother Inostroza, who told us about how when he was first taught by missionaries in Chile, he couldn't understand their English since they were both new and didn't speak very well, haha! But he then went on to say that although he couldn't understand everything, he felt something that day and that is why he is here today. It was a really good talk and it made me think about what my goal is when I teach people. Of course I want them to understand, but more important than that is creating an environment in which they can feel the Spirit! It was a great Sunday :)

I love being here! Hard to believe it's coming to an end, but I am SO grateful for the chance I have to serve these people at this point in my life. I know the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that I am here for a reason! Love you all!!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: dragon street art!!
Photo 2: fourth of july!!
Photo 3: fourth of july!! pt. 2
Photo 4: so cool!!!!!!!!

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